Branding is a consistent, unique identity for a company or product. Good branding systems are more complex than a logo. Branding involves defining a market position and philosophy, and then building an image system and style rules that correctly reflect the philosophy and speak to the target market.

What Account Services will do:

  • Define or create the values associated with your brand
  • Teach the brand system to your employees and demonstrate how to reflect the values of the brand when they communicate with customers
  • Ensure that the visual components of your identity will work in different media, and are in line with the overall strategy of the brand

Creative Briefs

The creative brief is an important document because it provides a working plan for production that is in line with the client's strategy.

Strategy can be figured out during the creative development and production process; however, it is often more efficient to plan first, rather than come up with the plan during production. Clients who invest in a creative brief that outlines their strategy will almost always save time and money.

Key Benefits of creative briefs:

  • Lowers costs by working out important creative details prior to production
  • Provides clarity and inspiration for everyone involved in the project
  • Works as a communication tool between the agency and the client

Some of the details defined in our creative brief:

  • The business problem and solution
  • Features, advantages and benefits of the product or service
  • The offer
  • Target market
  • How the customers mind will shift after they’ve seen the advertising


On larger scale projects we typically provide proposals at the head of a project as part of the sales process.

Proposals include the following information:

  • An overview of the project and its objectives
  • Timetable and costs
  • Methodology

Creative Direction

The Creative Director at Tiger Advertising is Adam Hunter. Adam has been working in the media field for over 10 years and has been running Tiger Advertising since 2001. Adam has technical experience in television and animation production, web development, photography, and print production. In addition, Adam has extensive business experience through his first-hand work with clients of the agency.

How Adam's experience on thousands of projects will benefit you:

  • Provides qualified advice
  • Stimulates production and sources ideas
  • Solves creative problems and suggests directions